an ethereal process (?)

November 28, 2018

Every writer has a process. 

Their own unique process.

Sounds so, I don't know, ethereal. 


It's not. 

My writing process begins with the inkling of an idea and then an image search. I search for an image that reflects the depth and breadth of what I want to get to through the shimmer of this idea. Scouring the internet allows my mind to meander through fields of concepts and words and thoughts and slowly drag them together until I find just the right photo that encapsulates the very nuanced thing that it is I wanted to write in the first place.  


That's it.

That's my "ethereal" writing process.


It's always interesting what I find on my image searches. Things sometimes make no sense. Take the above image. Searching for "Round Robin," this is what came up, along with a ton of circular graphs I need an MIT grad to make sense of. This is not an image of a round robin. There's no robin here at all. Though there is a round thing sitting where a robin might perch. 


I also found slices of lime and cucumber very early in this search.


I settled on this image. It most closely fit the idea I wanted to communicate, which is not about a round object or a bird. Rather, it is about writing. Or, more precisely, writers. A group of fellow writers whose posts I will be sharing here over the next couple of months. 


For a couple of years now, these authors have engaged in a Round Robbin on their blogs. This year they have honored me with an invitation to join them. So while you read their posts here, others will read my posts on their site.


All of the authors are known to me. In fact, most of us went to the same graduate school, some of us at the same time. At least one other author and I graduated together, and he is now professor at our alma mater to my eldest son. I won't deny I am rather proud of them both. 


Some of the authors write from a more scholarly and academic perspective, some from the position of the pulpit, and others from a pastoral and missional space in the world. All of us write out of a passion to partner with God to grow God's Kingdom. 


I believe you will find these posts meaningful and valuable to your life. I encourage you, even before all the posts are shared, to check out the blogs of these stellar ministers of God. I have shared the links below.


Be sure to check back often for great writing from wise and experienced leaders and writers. Meanwhile, I am off to search for my next imaged idea!


Mark Adams


John Dobbs


Lance Hawley


Pita Horn


Rob Sparks


Matt Stidham


Jonathan Woodall


P.S. Keep up with me over at PorchSwing Ministries, Inc. as well.

        Always exciting stuff going on over there!


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