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September 17, 2018

I spend a lot of time on my front porch. I celebrate the warmth and joy and peace and purity of sitting with God and anyone who joins me there. It is a sacred space in my life. The soul of my home. Years ago after working alongside a nationally recognized and award-winning marketing group for many months, Stonewall Group, they made me my own logo. It is a porch swing. 

 The perfect logo for me. They had no idea how perfect. I had no idea God's ultimate purpose for this gift. 


I loved collaborating with the team at Stonewall. Brilliant and generous and kind, their mission from the founder and president to the newest intern was to bring the best out of every person who entered the space of Stonewall. There was a warmth among them I had not experienced anywhere else I had ever worked. They celebrated everyone's achievements and ached over losses together. They held each other accountable and they worked through things when there was anger. They acted like adults. They worked with passion. They were not perfect. They did not pretend to be. They did not expect it. They were okay with it. And they were excellent because of it. 


I learned so much from my time walking with this small group of world-class people. 


It is an honor to use their gift to me, this logo, as I launch PorchSwing Ministries, a ministry to those who have not been honored, celebrated, brought the best out of. Not because they were not excellent, but because of what others have done to them. 


PorchSwing Ministries seeks to offer a safe space where church abuse survivors can find Kingdom community in ways that feel safe and, hopefully, lead them back into the vibrant Kingdom life they once had and continue to yearn for, as well as education for non-survivors and ministers who walk alongside the church's broken and advocacy for survivors of church abuse. 


I will still be writing here, but I invite you to come visit me on the PorchSwing and send others who may need to take a seat. 


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