1000 different places

This past week my mind has been in a thousand different places.


In Grief.

My youngest son just graduated high school and heads to college 800 miles away. I am so absolutely thrilled for him, but as my friend Claire reminded me, I am also grieving deeply. Grieving his impending departure, grieving him, and grieving the end of this stage of my life as a mother--a life I have lived and loved for 23 years.


In Humble Gratitude.

Everyday precious and courageous and amazing people sit across from me and tell me their lives are in rubble. They invite me to look closely at the rubble, tell me they do not know how to repair and rebuild, but that they desperately want to. And they ask for my help. 


In Anger.

Anger as I bear witness to the soul-sickness for whom the system has failed for lifetimes some of the people who sit within the rubble of their lives in my office. Anger as I work within systems that bind my own hands so tightly that I can do nothing but tell them I care. And I do care. Even as I can do nothing else. 


In Sorrow..

Sorrow that so many of us forget that we matter.

And so many more do not forget because we never knew.

No one ever told us. 


And in Joy.

Because that is my job. 

To tell you that you do matter. 

It is my greatest work I do.


To say as a mother to my children that they are the most important thing I have ever done and will ever do.

That work that will never end.


To peer at the rubble and say no matter who brought the walls down in your life, you matter enough for us to work to rebuild them.


To bear witness to your soul-sickness and assure you that I care because you matter.


To make my sorrow matter because we all matter.

Because I matter.


"Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness..." God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good..." (Genesis 1:26a, 31a).


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