I Got Told



Your mind is not your own.

Tell your story. It is YOUR story regardless what they say. 

Stomp on the right nerves.

Write more.

Write often.


These are just a few of the things I have been told in the last 10 days. I have to say I have a bit of whiplash. On the one hand most of these things are contextually complimentary. On the other. They push me in places my fearless self fears to tread. 


My own nerves got a bit of a stomping. But in the best way possible. 


A few weeks ago I received the advance copies of Surrendering to Hope: Guidance for the Broken and experienced the surreality of seeing my name on a book cover and words about me on the back and words by me inside.


Then came people telling me they bought the book.

Then they liked it.

Some loved it.

Some shared it with others. 


I'm a confident person. I've had books in my head for years. I have another one or two in my fingertips already.


But let me tell you. People with my story who are then told their is not their story and they are not allowed to tell their story never expect to get anything in print. And they sure never expect to hear the things I got told last week.


Well. Except the first thing: My mind is not my own. 


But here is the most important thing: that first thing.


My mind is not my own. And neither is yours.


Our minds only exist when we share what is in our brains. Our minds are reactional, relational, responsive, energetic, experiential and only exist in the space between us. 


Therefore, healing occurs in community. God is and gives Community.


Being surrendered to God brought me into a community of healing even when I could not speak the entirety of my story. 


Surrendering to Hope creates community as well as educates those who sojourn in community. Suffering is part of this world outside of Eden. I believe we can all sojourn well alongside the suffering. 


Via a collection of stories told with brutal honesty, readers hear every contributor speak of their own deep struggle, those who traveled with them, their eventual surrender, and God's ever-presence and perhaps find their own shared community as well as learn better ways of sojourning with the suffering. 



Buy your copy of Surrendering to Hope: Guidance for the Broken today from Leafwood Press or Amazon.com.




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