I have four feet.
I tend to jump into things with all of them.
That sometimes leaves me in a heap. 
Don't want to miss out on things.
Perhaps it would be better to do that less. Perhaps not. 
I am a mother. 
A writer.
A speaker.
A therapist.
A healer. 
A friend.
A chooser.
A thinker feeler learner teacher sitter mover talker listener lover reader dancer sinner Netflix binger BeeGees fan hiker Christ-follower porch-lover. 
Not necessarily in that order.


I adore God.


I love crawling through big cities. 


God has been with me in all my joys and sorrows. Regardless of where I've been.


Holding me.

Stilling me.

Healing me. 

Surrendering me.


In God's UNshakeable Kingdom.